Common Wealthing: Canucks vs Aussies


if 9/11 taught us anything, it’s that all that divine nonsense needs to go.

O Canada? can we talk about the Governor-General


Kings to Prime Ministers to Presidents


Queen meets Trudeau 2.0

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Sovereign democracies with civil rights and equality concepts

are inconsistent with religions of the masses and the concept of royality.

figureheads and echoed in symbolic government that has proven a failure to prevent parliamentary failures.

it’s time for rule of law and not rule by mobs


When Queen Elizabeth II dies, it would be best for Canada and Australia to end the practice of replication through G-Gs and LGs at the province/state/territory.


and for the UK to bypass the man who would be king for his more popular son, who already has heired and spared.

Leave Pomp and Spectacle for the actual English for tourism.

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