Uber and AirBnB: Grey Market

As Uber to Taxis and Transit so is Airbnb to the Hospitality Industry.

As Apps, they are not employers. Paper companies or Vapor Companies?

As companies, they are crime facilitators more than they are public service.

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They are unregulated and uninsured, and quality is uneven while safety cannot be ensured.

These companies operating essentially a Napster Service for rides and rooms are undercutting the industries that do participate in the economy.

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The Uber people who are driving have not been checked from criminal backgrounds, and many incidents ranging from verbal hate crime to a murder spree have occurred.

Supplementing income and behaving in professional capacity one is not licensed or insured to do, is unlikely to be reporting the income on taxes.

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Unlawful Companies begat unlawful, sub-contracting and temp workers does not a corporate workforce make.

Airbnb rentals may not be offered by actual owners, but tenants and rented why who knows who? and with what?

Hotels, Motels, Bed & Breakfasts, are for short stay visitors and tourists.

Rental housing for people who work and need to live in the city because the commute to the burbs is nonviable for working poor wages.

Perhaps, it’s time for office moves to where the employees live? but I digress.

Airbnb: The Hospitality Industry’s Uber

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Uber: Eliminating People

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Will Uber Killer be the end of the Uber Company?

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An Industry vs a business: From Taxis to Uber


The Trucking Industry used to be regulated and then it was deregulated and accidents increased as companies raced to undercut The Union Truckers and each other as Non-Union.

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There are costs to doing business and companies need to pay them

it’s their corporate citizenship responsibility for having infrastructure and a stable society to operate in.

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Companies once operated inside a nation

then Companies became multi-national

ever chasing HQ tax havens and lowest regulations

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environmental and over people

resources, manufacture and distribution

cheap costs too much reducing the quality via quantity

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