Science of Transmutation


Alchemists tried to create gold and they invented The Scientific Method and Chemistry.



shifting one element into another would take differing reactions than what could be wrought through distillations.


nuclear science changes elements and the state of matter

Of States that Matter, there are 3


The Nature of Force


the day the earth wobbled

Image result for states of matter, add cold


add heat – gas + plasma

add cold – water + ice

density – stone + solids

gravity – magnetism


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2 Responses to Science of Transmutation

  1. Chris L says:

    You do realize that the alchemist table at the top is at best revisionist history since the majority of those elements weren’t even suspected of existing until the modern era. Some of these elements are only producible in a nuclear reactor and can only live for minutes. See for the actual dates of discovery.
    Also, there is no such thing as adding COLD…You can only remove heat. Cold isnt a thing, its a lack heat. Not trying to be super-critical, but I really do care about science. (Liked Debunk AntiVax )

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