Election 2016: Iceland

Alliance of anti-establishment Pirate party and three left-of-centre parties falls five seats short …

Iceland election: Pirate Party triples seats

BBC News10 hours ago
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Icelandic parliamentary election – 2016 – Iceland Monitor – Mbl.is


General Elections 2016 in Iceland. The general parliamentary elections take place on Saturday October 29th. Follow our live updates of the vote results as they …

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Pirate Bay was a torrent site and copyright was infringed.
Accessing Culture and Connecting to the Global Consciousness is the new spirituality
sharing, access, seeders and leechers, contributors to the monoculture
The Site moved from Server to Server and Many were taken down
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From the fringe to the mainstream and a political force of will
socially shifting from monopoly and control to a co-operative culture of sharing
choosing legal and entertaining protest towards critical mass and understanding
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Iceland used social media to bring about a new constitution
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Icelandic constitutional reform, 2010–13 – Wikipedia


An Icelandic Constitutional Council for the purpose of reviewing the Constitution of the … The 2010 Assembly concluded that the new constitution ‘ought to contain certain … Cardboard dividers had been used in place of election booths, in breach of … Even within the new governing coalition of the Social Democratic Alliance …

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Mob rule: Iceland crowdsources its next constitution | World news | The …

https://www.theguardian.com › World › Iceland

Jun 9, 2011 – The new constitution will include checks and responsibilities for Iceland’sSocial media is seen as a way of making that happen with Iceland’s …

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Five lessons from Iceland’s failed crowdsourced constitution experiment.


Jul 31, 2014 – Iceland’s experiment in redrafting its constitution has challenged the … the decision by these 25 constitutional drafters to use social media to …

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Crowdsourcing Iceland’s Constitution – The New York Times


Oct 24, 2012 – Iceland has used a Constitution based closely on the Danish model since it gained its independence … “Through the use of social media

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some memes were inserted for viewers who stopped reading the headline after “election 2016”
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Pirate Party – Wikipedia

Pirate Party is a label adopted by political parties in different countries. Pirate parties support civil rights, direct democracy and participation in government, …

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Pirate Parties International

A collective for the Pirate Party movement around the world. Offers news and a common resource for international collaboration, and can provide help to form a …

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Open Source Politics: The Radical Promise of Germany’s Pirate Party …

When people tell the story of the Pirate Party, which in May won 20 seats in a vital state vote in Germany, they often begin with a controversial …

Text ‘aye,’ matey! The Pirate Party’s push for direct democracy – The …

On Tuesday, voters in two Massachusetts districts will find Pirates on their ballots for the State House of Representatives. The candidates in …

Iceland was one of the first nations to make marriage equal.
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