Right Left Across the Spectrum

Politics, Politics and Politics.


lines become circles, personal freedoms includes responsibility


person, family, Tribe/Clan, demographic, national identity, rights depending.

privileged entitled vs guaranteed under said law, conditional upon affording it.

Quantity and Quality not ensured

England: The Magna Carta – giving peasants personhood

United Kingdom Britain Ireland Scotland Wales


no more “tories vs grits” from marginalized to niche market group to demographic.

the march for rights not ever ending in any decade


Australia New Zealand Tasmania


Canada… O Canada


Conservative, Liberal NDP, Bloc Quebec and then The Green Party


There is a schizm in the federal and provincial parties, a skewing


Spoiler Parties, Strategic Voting and demographic bloc voting self interest

America: declared that the Individual counted

Image result for signs of fascism

Do not repeat History! Repeat: do not repeat history

Image result for signs of communism checklist

I blame Bart Simpson for underachiever pride

Image result for brexit 48%

the extremes mean what they say, don’t be complacent, eh

if you can’t vote for yourself, then vote for the people you claim to be allies of

Image result for republican to taliban checklist

seriously, think of all the children of the world

Image result for republican to taliban checklist

Dear Conservative Ladies Against Women


poor, working class, professional class, urban vs rural, more generations than ever before;

regional rivalries and displaced persons, migration and immigration




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