Professional Trolls vs Cyberbullies

The internet culture is global monoculture and the meatbod cultures that are geographically located are having a cultural shockwave of what having rights mean.

In the Western Cultures, from which The Internet Arose – First for Military and Universities… then commercial…the world wild web to the domain expanded; static and eratic until ISO. Geek Culture at it’s backbone core.

Like all communication forms, the first phase is formal data, then porn, then monetizing, which returns porn again. Incidentally, it’s not been video gaming driving the computer revolution.

Nor has the advent of the computer at home/office reduced actual paper – look at all the computer magazines.

Advertising. that’s what make money and that’s clicks, paying for clicks, paying to be clicked. Here a click, There a hit, everywhere a click hit.

google counter… metatags… page links .. ooh I got your algorithm right here.

keywords and phrases of interest … known names

hard vs soft science

Trolls, Sock Puppets and Godbots

right meets right

Talking to young people about bullying

science v religion women divide

Canada: Bullying towards Violence

Rape confession

Accusers vs Accused

your brain on gods


water and air

Online Godbot Bullies

Religion lets You REvised

Religion vs Reality

Male Domination

Bullying: if we stop it in schools; how will the children be prepared for the workplace?


Only the Shittiest Pretend Systemic and Ethnic Oppression Doesn’t Exist


Memo: Silencing White Men









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