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Gangster and Jazz era Chicago was the home of political corruption and Gangster Tommy Gunning the streets in hood-warfare.

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One of America’s most sensational media frenzies to ever cover murder, didn’t manage to convey the full details of the case to the case and in fact, when the Prosecutor hinted at a homosexual and possibly necrophilia in his closing arguments to raise enough disgust for the death penalty, the Judge dismissed the women reporters from the courtroom.

Rope (1948) – IMDb –

Not even Hitchcock in the 1948 movie based on the duo made it obvious or even hinted in subtext that Leopold and Loeb were lovers. In fact, they perpetuated the myth of Leopold the dark brooding one as the dom, when he was in fact, the blonder’s sub.

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Both were the scions of wealthy Jewish families, had completed high school and entered college at 15 and 16. They had the brightest futures ahead of them.

1992’s Swoon (1992) – IMDb tackled the story with the pair as a couple. 

Today, it’s called, in court “affluenza” too much privilege causing craven indifference.

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Leopold, Charles Darrow and Leob.

During their trial, the teenaged boys giggled and laughed, incapable of remorse, not seeing that they did anything wrong.

Darrow, hired to save them from the hangman’s noose, put on the first real case about personal vs social morality and being responsible for the monsters society makes.

He plead guilty and then, put the boy’s youth vs the having just come through war and Jazz era society, but mostly, Sigmund Freud – the newest wave of mental health and a step beyond what the police had has investigative tool or that the Attorney Generals had ever fought on other than provable facts and witnesses with circumstances.

The Judge, overwhelmed by the new idea brought to court by Darrow, under public pressure to hang the pair, sentenced the pair to prison on the various counts owing to their age of 19 – basically creating the Youth Offender vs Adult Offender in the justice system – and creating the concepts of motivations beyond mere monetary or “temperament” crimes of the poorer or uneducated.

That 2 young men, with exceptional educations and access to the highest levels of society would self destruct rather than be a productive member of society was inconceivable to a nation in the process of showing anyone could become that with hard work and effort.

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it was too scandalous and that the more lurid aspects of homosexual were excluded for decades makes this case an interesting comparable to the other infamous Lizzie Borden and the rarely discussed lesbian aspects of Lizzie’s crimes were to protect herself from shunning and disinheritance, the Step-Mother having walked in on Lizzie and the Maid.

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Anyway…there are no demographics that are inherently better than others and it’s thinking that circumstances of birth confer something other than becoming an independent breathing being.

It’s really not about which group does the most, or the worst horrors.

It’s about saying that it’s time everyone stop being horrible.

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The Amazing Adventure of Ernest Bliss (1936)


How Lizzie Borden Was Punished Despite Her Acquittal | TIME

Aug 4, 2015 – Instead, her attorney explained during the trial, Abby Borden — actually Lizzie’sstepmother — was struck only 18 times with “some sharp and …

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Lizzie Borden Bed & Breakfast Museum – Home

The Official site of the Lizzie Borden Bed and Breakfast. Come spend an evening at the house at 92 Second St. in Fall River, MA where on August 4, 1892,

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Leopold and Loeb – Wikipedia

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An Account of the Leopold and Loeb Case

Loeb and Leopold had an intense and stormy relationship. At one time Leopold contemplated killingLoeb over a perceived breach of confidentiality.

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Affluenza – Wikipedia

Affluenza, a portmanteau of affluence and influenza, is a term used by critics of consumerism. It is thought to have been first used in 1954 but it gained legs as a concept with a 1997 PBS documentary of the same name and the subsequent book, Affluenza: The All-Consuming Epidemic (2001, revised in 2005, 2014).

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Ethan Couch – Wikipedia

Ethan Anthony Couch (born April 11, 1997) is an American man who killed four people while … him to therapy at a long-term in-patient facility, after his attorneys argued that the teen had affluenza and needed rehabilitation instead of prison.

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‘Affluenza’ teen Ethan Couch jailed for nearly 2 years | Toronto Star › News › World

Apr 13, 2016 – Texas teen Ethan Couch, who used ‘affluenza‘ in his defence for a deadly crash, was jailed after violating his probation.

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in the 1990s, The Menendez Family murder triggers fears of more Charles Manson Family Slayings – but not just keeping it in their social class, but in the Family:
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Lyle and Erik Menendez – Wikipedia

and crossing the line: America and Canada wise, eh:
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Stalking Seattle: The Rafay Family Murders

May 30, 2012 – Rafay Murders, Sebastian Burns, Atif Rafay. … In the spring of 1994, Tariq Rafay, his wife, Sultana, and their daughter, Basma moved to …

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Perfectly Executed – CBS News

The story begins on July 13, 1994, with a call for help. Sebastian Burns and his friend, Atif Rafay, had stumbled onto a horrific scene. Atif’s parents had been …

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United States v Burns – Wikipedia

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Atif Rafay, family killer targeted in ‘Mr. Big’ sting, wants case reopened ……/atifrafay-family-killer-targeted-in-mr-big-sting-wants-case-reopened-…

Jan 16, 2015 – Glen Sebastian Burns (back, centre) and Atif Ahmad Rafay (third from left) are escorted by police in an image grab from a documentary, Mr.Big, …

related in Literature and understanding subtext:
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