CultureWatch: Rome vs Druids

Peak Rome – Julius Caesar annexed so much territory, that he declared himself Immortal Emperor, and was given the immorality pointedly, eh.

The Civilized World – Roman removed Carthage as it’s main rival –  Carthage practiced child sacrifice. The Minoans, destroyed by tsunami, the closest to the Plato essay about an ideal nation, he dubbed “Atlantis.”

Image result for peak of roman empire map

Rome expanded and became an empire, ripe for plunder. After all, it was closer and had finished goods, not just raw materials such as in the farther new world, where other people lived.

The UK was not always an island, and at the end of the Ice Ace, when the New World Melted and the land rose, Doggerland flooded, creating the islands of the United Kingdom.

The Norse in Britain became the Anglo-Saxons, the Normans in France and Visigoths more centrally and Vikings generally.

looking at these groups of marauding migrants, it seems kinda clear that the end of the cultures around the eastern side of the sea, would be been the continued Ostrogoths and the Carthage group.

Carthage creating the original Ikea Ships of factory production of standardized pieces, allowing Rome to capture, copy and scale up the industrial production. Ships to ram, Ships to defend/troop transports and Ships of cargo.

While Viking ships, were overlapped plankings, allowed one ship to sail the seas as well as go upriver. Marine Raiders.


So.. Druids.

Image result for rome in britain

Druids religion was assimilatable by the Romans, except for the child sacrifice.

Roman Pantheon’s allowed for “you have a wine god? we are a wine god!” same god, differing names – and it’s easy to see how the illogic of interfaith committee works.

But, even that sorta self solving at stagnant culture that eliminates itself, was less of an issue as that the Local Tribal King-Warlords relied upon these Druids for guidance and that divine ruler thing requires a divinity.

Rome, with the bureaucratic expertise, wasn’t interested in needless stakeholders or competition. People pay The Church or People pay The Government.

Image result for druids in britain map Anglesey

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