WTF Google?

A 2 week suspension that was “until the 16th” and today is the 17th and my profile is still suspended:

Your profile is suspended because it appears to violate our spam policy


Dear Google, you were once a search engine, so you should be able to understand what is posted: context and content.

Dear Google, you provide the links and then blame users for sharing.

Dear Google. You Eviled. And apparently think you are facebook.

#%^$& Google

Pointless Google Appeals

Google the User Service

Google Blocking Access Again

Google is Discriminatory

Dear Google re: Search Engine

Dear Google Yesterday, I did a search for articles for my Google Queer Group about parenting. My first search for “gay dads” provided a number of page 1 listings of excellent articles. My next search, for “lesbian moms” offered pornography


How to Recognize a Predator Profile

Dealing with Trolls on Google #

Google allows hate crimes and abuse

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