Atomic Energy vs Apathy

Energy and then mass

Image result for three mile island accident

Technology that we can build versus the wisdom to manage it.

Design, Maintenance and Operations – meaning training and understanding of the work.

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Corporate Operators vs Government Regulators: differing stakeholders


Business writing and bureaucratic writing, reports, memos and correspondence.

I remember studying The Three Mile Island Memo as a textbook example of a failure to communicate.

Burying the lead in the middle of vague and waffling language, the middle doesn’t inform the top decisions makers and it’s the bottom workers who pay consequences.


Book Review: Monsters

  With The Hindenburg Airship destruction as a hook, Ed Regis explains the Pathology of Technology – Theory Research over Practical Application and human hubris to overscale size and scope of ratio: from Human to the Industrial Scale – To … Continue reading

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