Is America Over?

America’s social experiment was that the Individual was the Social Unit of Consequence – not family and clan or other divider demographic.

To reject a system of oppressive classes; except that all they did, was to re-start the same gamed theory.

Now, there is representation without taxation running for Republican president.

The Lincoln Republicans freed the slaves to deprive the south of labour for economic and military use and the North won. It’s the last time America had a clean win in war.

The Democrats drove the 1960s civil rights for black men.

the 1970s saw White Women and Indigenous and Queers; when the hetero women got Roe v Wade issues raised in public and in the streets and most importantly in the courts.

As long as the majority are comfortable with inequality, nothing changes. People are invested in the status quo and those are Conservatives of many colours. Men, then women down a half step before the next male demographic.

What has been different between (White) Men vs Women and “Men” vs Civil Rights (inter-demographic marriage) and then queer rights is this:

Conservatives use violence when systemic oppression does not hold.

It is the traditional tool of resolving conflicts.

However, while much violence is used to keep women in their place – rape culture, the odd semi approval of domestic abuse as being a family rather than a public interest matter, which striking a stranger becomes, rather than a matter between 2 persons.

While much systemic oppression, not much addressed by Affirmative Action or Employment Equity or Quota Tokenism, whichever term is reader preferred; is often enough to keep a society with just enough opportunity to game the odds of downward or noward mobility – that Lottery of Flash Celebrity combined with the nobility of poverty myth, tends to keep the people at the bottom maintaining the system more ferociously than those who benefit at the top.

How Americans can assert –without noticing even– that they have the best government one needs to be armed against.

Anyway, in the 1980s what happened that changed everything was AIDs. That triggered more contamination terror, fear, disgust and media most of all.

Unmarried gay men, without children, who could afford health care and finally there was an identification of a virus that had been around a long time in Africa and was not detected owing to it being a slower killer than other viruses.

It was the Shakespearean moment and turning point in human sexuality of pounds of flesh – and people began to realize that we’re all people with the same needed – for housing, food security and community participation.

Religion is not compatible with equality and it is a mental illness. The diagnostic manual would be a lot smaller to list that, than to dance around it. More than taxes religions, they need to be reduced to community clubs and no be deemed charities; because they are political lobby groups, far exceeding their grasp by controlling the public square.

The Queer community crosses demographics and doubling up or down on the prejudice factors – people start to realize that being bothered by other people existing is really fucked up and this idea of being able to legislate people rather than regulate companies and deal with other nations starts to take on new meaning.

We are not in a breeding race with each other or other species and the idea of being in the biggest group means one wins is beyond stupid, small and selfish.  We also know how well inbreeding works, eh?

Royal Families of Europe? I hear banjos.

Image result for america at war meme

Ancient Rome at it’s peak empire

Image result for roman empire map at its height, world

The British Empire

Image result for british empire map at its height, world

the USA military bases: Empire Leaderboard

Image result for american military bases around the world

Now. North America:

Image result for trudeau and mexican president

who do you see in between these guys?

it’s 2016 and the Republicans are fixated on 1979’s Roe vs Wade.

America has made marriage equal, but women are not.

America, the land of litigation, might not want to have made war a civil suit matter.

then, there’s the matter of corporations being persons and persons being more incorporated than, eh?

Image result for clinton and trump

Justin Trudeau says CETA will test European Union’s ‘usefulness’

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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau issued a blunt warning to European lawmakers today: sign off on a free trade deal with Canada or risk reducing …
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German court rejects bid to block Canada-EU trade deal, Trudeau

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Canada, US poised to resume hostilities over softwood lumber

CBC.ca15 hours ago
Don’t panic: Even though the deadline has passed, there’s still hope of a resolution to Canada’s dispute with the U.S. on softwood lumber.

French activist José Bové who opposes Canada-EU trade can …

Toronto StarOct 12, 2016
MONTREAL—A member of the European Parliament who opposes the Canada-EU free-trade deal has been allowed to stay in Canada after …

Other considerations:

Image result for china caste system

social castes vs classless…. a do it yourself subtext joke

Image result for china caste system

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