HealthWatch: Cancer vs AIDs

One of the most disgusting public discussions has been the pitting of Breast Cancer (assumed woman disease) vs AIDS (assumed gay man disease).

First, Cancer is genetic or environmental while AIDS is a communicable disease.

so they are not remotely comparable conditions

Breast Cancer, like AIDS, impacts women and men.

In fact, because of the name “Breast Cancer” many men are not diagnosed and their detection occurs later in the disease progression.

The funding of one is not at the expense of the other, and with both, education is prevention and education/access to health care is detection.

People need to get over words and phrases and stop emotionally loading them with subjective value.

What we need to look at is access, not just on gender parity, but also ethnicity and poverty. Poorer initial access, insecurity of meditation vs food security…

The poor die from not enough, and the rich from overmuch

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Graceland Goes Pink in October for Breast Cancer Awareness…/8166/

Sep 30, 2016 – Elvis Presley’s Graceland will light up pink during the month of October to remind everyone of the benefits of early detection in the battle against …

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Environmental Factors vs Lifestyle Ones: Choice requires informed consent
Image result for breast cancer awareness month for men
living in an industrial nation increases all cancer risks
Image result for women's cancer stats
Image result for men cancer stats
just a thought about what happens on vacations, eh?
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remember in the 1970s everyone was scared of Acid Rain and the pending Ice Age?
Image result for acid rain
regulating industry to not pollute and to reduce and mitigate damage of waste product
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Insecticides, herbicides are hormone disruptions and we all have the same ones
Image result for agricultural pollution

WHO | Effects of human exposure to hormone-disrupting chemicals …

19 February 2013 | GENEVA – Many synthetic chemicals, untested for their disrupting effects on thehormone system, could have significant health implications …

12 Worst Endocrine Disruptors That Can Wreck Your Health – Mercola…/worst-endocrinedisruptors.aspx

Nov 13, 2013 – Bisphenol-A (BPA), dioxin, and atrazine are some of the worst endocrine disruptorsthat can increase your family’s cancer risk.

10 Common Sources of Endocrine Disruptors – Mercola…/10-common-sources-endocrinedisruptors.aspx

Jul 15, 2015 – Endocrine disruptors known to interfere with development and reproduction are common in personal care products and plastics.

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Now it’s FrankenFoods and Climate Change
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the idea to make crops produce more and be more hardy and drought resistant is not what the companies did. they made terminator seeds that are pesticide prepared.
it’s not the science, it’s the companies.
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why are there not more of these around ?
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3 Responses to HealthWatch: Cancer vs AIDs

  1. swordwhale says:

    I know a guy who had breast cancer. He has thrived and is fine now. yet another reason for US to have universal health care like the rest of the civilized world.

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