Nuns on the Run: Married

what is in books? in writing? in monuments? the products of civilization

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what sells?

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Two former nuns married each other in a civil ceremony in Italy last month …. Shocking moment girlgets viciously beaten after starting fight …

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“Get thee to a nunnery” Shakespeare’s code for Brothel. being a nun allowed a woman to escape the world.

Sex in History and Womens WorkThe concubine's children denise chongWarrior Marks Alice Walker  At Home on he stroll and Good Time GirlsLesbian Nuns and Coming Out Stories

Lesbian nuns fall in love, renounce vows and get married · PinkNews…/lesbian-nuns-fall-in-love-renounce-vows-and-getmarried/

Sep 29, 2016 – Two former Catholic nuns who renounced their vows after falling in love with each other have married. The pair tied the knot in Italy, following the country’s decision to pass a new civil union bill, which legalises same-sex unions . Federica and Isabel fell in love three years during a mission in South America.

Ex-nuns get married in Italy in challenge to Pope’s stance on gay unions

Sep 28, 2016 – Two former nuns married each another in northern Italy on Wednesday in the latest challenge to the Catholic Church’s opposition to same sex unions. The women, named only as Federica and Isabel by Italian media, were married in a civil ceremony by the local mayor, Luca Salvai, in …


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Kicking the habit: two former nuns married in civil ceremony in Italy … › World › Italy

Sep 28, 2016 – Federica and Isabel fell in love while working at rehab center for drug addicts and renounced being nuns but say they have not lost their faith.

How do nuns deal with sexual urges? | A Nun’s Life Ministry

Mar 24, 2008 – In fact married people might even “fall in love” with someone else, but …. get marriedand be celibate nor do I find references to Nun’s having a …

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women, choosing a place, rather being resigned to one or oppressed/disappeared


When and then later, reviewed, reviled, peer professionals vs media professions vs the public…informed by headlines not content

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How to use and how to understand. know who did what and when and then what happened… social relevance and historical value, the generational lag.


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cultural differences of opinions and values, understanding of humour and co-operative conduct that creates community, looking at each other as equal people and embracing diversity

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Elvis Presley: Putting Women’s Sexuality into public view. Not just the threat of ethnic crossover and equality between mens.

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5 Responses to Nuns on the Run: Married

  1. thefeatheredsleep says:

    The Pope is ‘saddened’ to hear two nuns got married. That makes me blood boil I know I shouldn’t be surprised but it really bothers me. I think someone who is lauded as being au fait about same-sex to some extent in comparison to others, sickens me because he’s as bigoted as the next person and WHAT IS IT TO HIM if they want to be happy? FUCK!

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