Diffusing Hillary Memes

Male Domination535132_10150690521932395_705822394_8026655_1008504104_n

Because in the 1960s, young girl volunteers had control over the Man’s agenda?

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It takes Good Guys with privilege to start the change to the mainstream, and Men confronting other Men and calling them on the oppression is also what women needed.

Allies with social power.

Sanders, an adult white male had more 1960s social privilege to stand against the establishment that women were still not allowed to join.Vermont… one of the whitest states, n’est-pa? Last Century Ego Run put party first and retire to the lecture circuit.

In North America, what women wore in public was controlled under civil law by church demand.

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1970s and Pants Suits, Roe v Wade and when HeteroWomen threw the lesbians off the Rights Bus. Employment and Financial self management, women could stop bringing their father or husband to have a financial existence.

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Nixon caused Watergate, so trying to pin ethics on a minor functionary? Seriously?

Nixon deleted self incriminating evidence and the Patriot Act now is all Republican paranoia.

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Clinton has been cleared in an FBI investigation.

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facts and perspective, red herrings and hysterics much?

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people wonder why government waste?


The Republicans are the problem. They are obstructing America’s economy and public well being. They have lost all credibility as a party, given that they campaign against government.. If you hate the government so much, why are you seeking a government paycheque? while expecting the middle class public employees to not get any…shutting down and crippling the very government with words and not weapons.

The Right infantalizes the Left, who demonize the Right and there is no way that everyone is good guys.

The American Civil War of government ended, but it has transferred to the uncivil and hunkered in private bunkers population.

Religion lets You REvisedThe Way to a better world

Everyone is underemployed, overarmed and overly righteous, when really, trying to control others and force a religion on them is rather why most of the Europeans came to the America.. right colonialism…. 1800s,, 1900s.. seriously, it’s a new millennium and we do not have to repeat the crappulant past

chris columbus quote on naive natives

this is why Conservatives are the status quo to be overcome in the first place and the liberal left needs to stop playing more victim than thou and get that act of allied in common cause together.

people need to get onto what is real and not personal and selfish ideas about right and wrong and thinking they have the answer for everyone -that type of thinking is actually the problem. not.just.saying, eh.

water and air

An Evergreen Guide for Undecided Voters

I never understood what an “undecided” voter was.

As a child, I didn’t understand how the grown up who got to vote, wouldn’t already know how they were voting – when they seemed to know everything else. It was unsettling that all knowing grown-ups wouldn’t know something as vitally important to our society – given that our society is defined by the population’s right to vote.

To me, it was always a clear choice, either you vote or you do not. How could you not know?

As young adult, I continued to not understand how other adults didn’t know how they were going to vote – after all, it was simple, you voted for the person standing in for the party that most matched your values and beliefs – basically, the party that best pandered to you; I see in retrospect.

It is true that things are only simple when you look at them with a simple framework so everything really is as complicated as we care to make them.

Now I understand that parties are not monolithic – at least, no party that is worth voting for and is trustworthy is monolithic. This is why this voter guide is evergreen.

If the political party is an ensemble – that is to say, there is a leader who assigns the parties members into positions where they are best able to perform and offer expert advice – then this is the party for voters who want to ensure the most options and most information is considered before decisions are made.

If the political party is a leader with minions – that is to say, a party where the leader is the only person the leader respects and listens to – then this is the party for…..well, voters who agree with whatever that one leader person says. Because in this party, they are monolithic and decisions are already made and it’s a matter of forcing the policy to comply with the decision.

The other important hallmark of this kind of party is that there is an empty field for possible next leaders; because a party that cannot function to generate platforms regardless of who is in charge, is not a party that is sustainable when the leader is no longer leader.

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Worse, a leader who actively cripples the party’s supply of future leaders, is clearly no capable of actually leading and providing a direction, they are merely getting while the getting is good. This is never good for taxpayers; just the leader and their favoured cronies.

A political party is largely a framework and you can identify which parties are about solving problems by which party has the open framework where many voices are heard and considered, versus a party where the framework is about imposing solutions, as these tend to be the parties with the one leader with yes-minions and the solutions being sought is how to impose their solution on the public sector.

For the first time in US / Canada history, the US Democratic President (not the party; just the president) was to the left of our then conservative Prime Minister. Normality being restored with the PM Liberal again, eh!

This remains something that should be of great concern to all Canadians, since, with very few exceptions, what constitutes “right Wing” in Canada is far left of what is “left wing” in the USA.

We need to only look at the longest undefended border in world history and see that we now need papers to cross the line to our formerly amiable neighbour and troubled sibling nation.

If we think of Canada and the US as sibling nations – the USA a child of the British Empire and Canada, the child of the British Empire and France – second child with a  different father – our entwined history snaps into sharp focus.

The USA wanted to stand on their own as a nation, revolutionarily ran away and declared themselves a nation, violently separating from the motherland.

Canada stuck with the parents and tried to resolve the matter of which side of the family did we best take after and settled into an uneasy and unbalanced relationship between our Anglo and Franco halves; leaving the separation as a nation to later diplomatic means and we retained symbolic connections.

Aside: How America and Canada dealt with their respective aboriginal populations is another matter, but a reflection of the seedy underbelly of the same character of overt and covert violence.


Do we stand together as Canadians – a mosaic multicultural society which is civil despite our differences because we value individuals enough to provide as level as possible a playing field for everyone to participate to their interest and capacity?

Vote not for the benefit of the social class to which we imagine aspiring, but rather to the benefit of the class below, where the social movement trend mostly is…

Or do we stand apart as Americans Lite – a melting pot of diverse people with no social safety net, no level playing field, and everyone for themselves and very few being concerned with actual equality and most being I got mine so the line ends here?

In so much as a tv beer commercial can summarize a political position – I Am Canadian.

Us vs Them cannibals2



Are you religious? yes – then no office for you

We cannot have politicians creating legislation about people’s PRIVATE MORALITY – Trudeau said it – the nation has no business in the bedrooms of the nation

We cannot have politicians imposing their privately held religious beliefs into the federal budget – natural disasters are not god’s punishment for human sexual or reproductive rights behaviours – and we need to endure emergency preparedness and disaster mitigation plans and infrastructure is in place.

More than that, we need complex nuanced thinkers who can understand what climate science reveals about our industrial and transportation and commercial/capitalism is doing to the planet’s biosphere

and stop muzzling scientists across the spectrum of science from climate to biology!

we do not need Friday night drinking buddy/share a pew  on Sunday caliber people in office making laws or government policy – we need people with critical thinking skills and the ability to understand and respect the needs of a culturally diverse society and Canada’s role in a global society.

no bordersclimate

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