Debatable Discussions: opinions

“I’m offended.” it’s an emotional response that signals the end of reason.

Opinions are viewpoints, mere perspective of whatever is acceptable mass reality.

Wishful thinking that is self serving and projected as What Should Be, or The Way it Is.

This is part of the problem of a public education system that teaches kids one thing and then varies it up the grades, creating that insecurity.

When we can just teach – this is what we know and why and how and what part you need to know about now to build on that foundation to add to later.

Critical Thinking is being able to separate the facts from the nonsense, and confers a robust framework, and the ability to switch from precision professional jargon to ordinary language.


HISTORIC DISCOVERY: Physicists ‘PROVE’ God DIDN’T create the Universe
Chimpanzees and monkeys have entered the Stone Age

Chimpanzees and monkeys have entered the Stone Age

Meanwhile, many Homo Sapiens chose to remain in the bronze age, in this, the information age, eh?

Atheist filing human-rights complaint over prayers at city council
Atheist filing human-rights complaint over prayers at city council
they are a waste of government time and salary dollars
religion did this against capitalism
people who chose religion over profits
then, there’s those who chose profits over prophets
voting… Democracy is rule by the mob
why there needed to be rights in the first place
Magna Carta to National Charters
rights are government and geographically dependent
enshrined matters nothing if not extended
asserted means little if not defended
not subject to opinion or conditional on widely varying community standards

Op-ed: Opinions, having, expressing and assessing credibility

Senate page Brigette DePape is led from the room by Sergeant-at-Arms Kevin Vickers as Canada's Governor General David Johnston delivers the Speech from the Throne on Parliament Hill in Ottawa

Senate page Brigette DePape, holding a sign reading “Stop Harper” is led from the room by Sergeant-at-Arms Kevin Vickers as  June 3, 2011. 

The Levels of Court: Legal vs Public Opinion


Community Standards are set by communities (Public Opinion 101)

trade alliances

Subjectivity: it’s a matter of opinion


A socially changed society

Being bothered by that other people exist is not a phobia, it’s prejudice, bigotry and oppression and it arises from Mental Illness not virtue or value. Diminished Capacity (“Twinkie Defense”) in the trial of Dan White for the killing of … Continue reading



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