Pointless Google Appeals

Google provides a link to be shared on Google.
Then, YOU USER are in violation of policy.

USER is offered an appeal.

I wrote: tell me which actual posts and a specific policy, not a blanket accusation and notification of 2 week suspension.

It was too much to expect that an actual human might read it and 2 days later, the bot returns:

Dear Google+ user,

Thank you for your message.

We have reviewed your appeal and found that your content was in violation of the User Content and Conduct Policy. Your access to Google+ has been limited for two weeks.

If you continue to violate our policies, your access to Google+ and Google’s other social services, such as Hangouts, may be suspended permanently. Learn more

We understand that these policies may not be for everyone. If you choose to leave, you can make a copy of your data first. If you like, you can also disable Google+ entirely.


The Google+ Support Team


Google Users: do you feel this is supportive?


who is using who


like facebook, users are eyes on advertisements and data kernals for mining



a spammer or shill closes shop and moves into another profile


but a person and profile is a different relationship and a company policy does not over-ride National or International law


nor are private sector companies law enforcers – they are to be in regulatory compliance

much like government agencies are not an extension of corporate policy or interests


cough “copyright” cough cough, eh


we the people, of and by and for said so

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