Dear Ralph Nadar: STFU

You need to retire, given that it was your ego also ran that allowed Bush the Lessor to become president.

Once upon like the Seventies and Sixties of the last Century: a Consumer Advocate

Ralph Nader – consumer advocate, lawyer, and author

Columns and other commentary from public interest activist and corporate critic Ralph Nader.

see also:

Then… like all of the Boomer Generation, can’t let “The Sixties” be over or retire

Desperately Seeking Relevance and the spotlight
not the silent majority so much as the White & Whiney Mea Culpa becoming Me Tooism

Ralph Nader presidential campaign, 2000 – Wikipedia, the free …,_2000

The 2000 presidential campaign of Ralph Nader, political activist, author, lecturer and attorney, began on February 21, 2000. He cited “a crisis of democracy” as motivation to run. He ran in the 2000 United States presidential election as the nominee of the Green Party.

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