Wonder Woman is Queer

Despite a 1934 comic book lesbian scene, it’s taken until 2016 for Wonder Woman to be bisexual or also being reported as queer.  Some even called her the Lesbian Batman.

The first tv outing for Wonder Woman, she became a blonde.

Then, Lynda Carter spun the role into a 1940s comic book homage, then a 1970s reboot, reusing the cast and Wagoner played a rare male sidekick.

a new movie and a social trend of saying that being open to now is a sexual identity, and being told a character is a pansexual, bisexual, polysexual, but only ever seeing their hetero side is really not inclusive or representative.

Open to, curious and questioning are are sexual identities it’s the cognitive dissonance of the person and their society. drink and drugs that permission excuse, the get of of experimentation and back to heternormative, but not narrow. tourists, not members of the LGBTQummunity.


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