Google the User Service

18 years ago, Google was a search engine with a better name than Yahoo, and better results than the various engines no longer remembered. Web 1.0 The Static Era of Content provided by people.

Web 2.0 the internet is longer an escape from.

I look forward to Web 3.0 the Authenticated Web.

Already if you do not allow access to a device, your profile or pages are suspect.

Bloggers have the same legal responsibility but none of the benefits of media, however the greater credibility as witness reporters and not paid shills n hacks belaboring a corporate agenda.

The issue of community standards has blurred as the concept of community is no longer a physical space, but a collection of like minded.

It’s the mutual interest where the species breaks down, forgetting that co-operation works better, but take effort, while demographic adversity is the lazy easy path.

The next web.. avatars or authentication identify and bordering thought crime policy

or will the internet finally reject stupidity  … conformity and lowest common denomintor

knowing history should allow us to not repeat it

anyway, I put up with a vague punishment for a post and had to hit okay on a wrist smack for 2 weeks, but Google has completely blocked me from everything but hangouts and gmails. Gee thanks for understanding what a disruption disconnection can be

alienating users and allowing people to abuse spam reporting to express their religious bigotry

google does nothing to protect women from predators or sexual and ethnic minorities from cyberbullying

How to Recognize a Predator Profile

Google promised to not evil

Google, GE and others contribute to climate-change deniers in … › Guardian Sustainable Business › Adaptation

Sep 22, 2014 – Some of America’s pro-sustainability companies are helping to fund climate denial. Are they double dealing or victims of a flawed political …

Censorship by Google – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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Google Makes Short-Lived Return to China – Fortune

Mar 28, 2016 – According to those local reports, the brief lull in China’s censorship of Google only came as a result of the company introducing new web …

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