ElvisWorld: Grand Ole Opry

The Grand Ole Opry was the station of stars and everyone wanted to play that stage.


The Grand Ole Opry, Ryman Auditorium, Nashville, Tennessee.
Ever since Elvis was in the regional Billboard charts, Sam Philips had tried to get Elvis in the Opry. Finally he succeeded, thanks to Opry manager Bill Denny.
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After the Opry Elvis appeared briefly on the Midnight Jamboree Radio show, hosted by Ernest Tubb. All was broadcasted live.

Elvis told to Tubb that his real ambition is to sing country music. So Tubb’s advise to Elvis was that Elvis should be doing that until he would be good enough for something else.
Elvis didn’t got over well to the more staid audience and became a star on the Louisiana Hayride, until he was on television and too big for radio.
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Movies made him too big for touring.
Hank Snow and his discovery, Elvis.


The bodies of both Elvis and Gladys Presley were moved to the Meditation Garden behind Graceland. This took place under supervision of Sam Thompson.




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    Johnny Cash and Elvis pose for a photo while The Jordanaries walk by

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They agree to a photo with Elvis, who says that he hopes to record with them some day

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and they sure did, eh.


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