When Cognitive Dissonance Poofs

Being rude, sneery or snide is not sarcasm.

Sarcasm is the highest form of humour, because it involves teachable moments.


Atheist Republic

Shared publicly  –  Sep 11, 2016

Why is that liberals are more likely to be vegetarian?

Brandon Tibitts

Sep 11, 2016
Where vegetarianism is a split party issue, people who use coercion and threats to either bend you to their point of view or destroy your livelihood, are usually dietarly outspoken and polar political.

Michael Mcguin

Sep 11, 2016
Are we? Never knew that….lol

Nina Trygg

Sep 11, 2016
sensitivity to cruelty and ineffectual knee response. it is stage one of being More Pure Than Thou

Liberal guilt and the false assumption that finding something to be superior about will change how things work.

Maximilien Robespierre

Sep 12, 2016
Well as a liberal and a critical thinker I don’t see the two connected. But any atheist worth their salt should only do things that are rationally justified, however I have yet to hear a rational justification for eating meat. On the contrary most of the time I debate meat eaters it is like debating a Christian

Nina Trygg

Sep 12, 2016

+Maximilien Robespierre our teeth show the ripping and chewing, and it’s what primates do

Maximilien Robespierre

Sep 12, 2016
+Nina Trygg how is that related to rational thought?

+Maximilien Robespierre it is the thought itself of understanding biology.

We are omnivores…. it is what it is…we eat what we can catch or find

+Michael Mcguin yes and being able to use more food sources, meat protein, allowed our brains to evolve and we mastered fired to cook it and render that and other foods safe and eatable.

Maximilien Robespierre

Sep 13, 2016
+Michael Mcguin supermarket
+Nina Trygg how again is this related to rationality? You are all making attempts to use biology to justify eating meat. I thought the rational brain is what separates us from the other animals on the planet?

+Maximilien Robespierre how are you not understanding that rationality arises from reality and understanding that? your resistance is cognitive dissonance and you are transfering to me rather than the words or the exchange.

I thought that was the end of it, but today – September 21, 2016:

+Nina Trygg How am I demonstrating cognitive dissonance?

+Maximilien Robespierre emotionally clinging to your position, ignoring facts as they exist and are agreed upon by others.. it’s so textbook that I almost blogged this post.

What facts? Please present facts and we can discuss them.

Nina Trygg

+Maximilien Robespierre no. I can’t do circle jerks. re-read the thread.

You are talking about past actions regarding cooking. I am talking about rational justifications. If you can’t provide any then just be honest enough to say so.

Vegans are every bit as unreasonable as christian religotards. Sadly.

+Michael Mcguin well, being the butt of the joke, especially as others are clearly getting it or are openly in on it, is a difficult place. so you have to respect that journey to the punchline finish.
Also vegans play more pure than thou vs vegetarians. it’s the closer the degree the higher the disgust factor.
I’ll stand with my wife on this…she eats a diet based on (deleted) regime, and at 55 has the figure and health of an athletic woman 25 plus years her junior….and still rocks a bloody bikini…or less…on the beaches in summer

+Michael Mcguin the article is unscientific and cherry picks data from journals about the problems of too many carbs. Can anyone please present a rational argument in favor of eating meat?

+Maximilien Robespierre can you offer a rational argument to not.?

That is shifting the burden of proof. It is like saying do you have evidence that God doesn’t exist?
If you want reasons then sure. We don’t need meat for protein. We can get it from plants without the negative side effects like high blood pressure and stroke. Eating plants has less impact on the environment regarding co2 and water. It is irrational to use an inefficient system when a more efficient one exists.
Read more

+Maximilien Robespierre we are omnivores . Thats how we evolved. To eat what we could catch or find.

That is a naturalistic and traditional fallacy. It is like saying slavery was part of our society then we should do it today.

Ill happily eat meat and enjoy doing so…

 The fact that people can live healthy lives without meat proves that meat in mist cases is not necessary
One of the greatest atheists Sam Harris presented these arguments much better than I can. If you care about truth I recommend checking out his video
if a rapist said they enjoyed it would you regard that as a rational justification? Btw I’m just using that as an example before anyone looses their mind
+Maximilien Robespierre non-proportional examples, strawmen and appeals to authority… classic classic classic
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2 Responses to When Cognitive Dissonance Poofs

  1. swordwhale says:

    While we would all benefit from eating less (and sustainably raised) meat, my cats and dogs cannot be vegetarian anymore than my horses and goats can be meat eaters. I prefer a nice crabcake myself.

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