Airbnb: The Hospitality Industry’s Uber

Hotels, Motels and B&Bs – regulated industries are being Ubered by Airbnb: – Airbnb – Official Site‎
Worldwide Accommodations Leader. Find Unique Listings in 34k Cities!
15,000,000+ Guests Booked · 24/7 Customer Service · 1,000,000 Unique Listings



Airbnb Sublets

Airbnb Sublets in over 5,000 cities means you’ll be at home anywhere in the world. New York sublets · Barcelona sublets · Florence sublets · Athens sublets.


The other issue is people who sign up to do these things, not paying the taxes on the income, or being cheated themselves or, as with Uber, sub-contractor quality varying widely – from Bigots to Murders and rapists next?

Gay Star News
Transgender traveler rejected with message: ‘I have a 13 year old boy going through puberty. I don’t want him to feel any discomforts in his own home’
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The last time I stayed at Vancouver, I rented the basement suit of a married couple (both ladies) who made it clear in their Airbnb profile. They weren’t around though because they went off on a trip to the US but we had a great stay at their place.
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+Joan Poh they are like Uber. doing a dodge around the regulations and tax system… and showing the problem in society that the business world has not been dealing with

+Nina Trygg
If I remember correctly, there were some issues too in the US where a bakery refused to accept the order for a wedding cake meant for a gay wedding. I think there wasn’t much the couple could do either, just take their business elsewhere but sheesh…still don’t understand why people insist on being so mean to their fellow humans… 😦

+Joan Poh the Christian Business Model: Open a Business, Declare you won’t serve any demographic, Close Business, wait for Hater Community Crowdfunding.
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