Uber: Eliminating People

First it was an attempt to go around the regulated and insured taxi industry.

Now, Uber has made a driverless car.

and wants to connect Vancouver BC Canada to Seattle Washington USA

Will Uber Killer be the end of the Uber Company?

“On top of that, how do you tell the families of these victims that they were not targeted for any other reason than they were a target?” Kalamazoo Uber driver picked up fares between killings, source says   Would belonging … Continue reading


An Industry vs a business: From Taxis to Uber

An “industry” is a collection of business that work for market value and not as a monopoly or cartel, in a regulated climate that ensures both employee and consumer safety. So there are several taxi cab companies who divide up … Continue reading


See off blog:

Uber’s driverless cars have problems – Business Insider


2 days ago – Uber’s self-driving cars are impressive — but there’s still a lot they can’t do. … Last week,Uber rolled out its self-driving cars in a pilot program in Pittsburgh so that select users could experience the technology firsthand. … That’s because Uber’s self-driving cars are nowhere …

Government paves way for driverless cars to hit the roads

Los Angeles Times3 hours ago

Breakdown of the U.S. guidelines on driverless cars. The U.S. … to a car. My ride in a self-driving Uber; or how I learned to stop worrying and trust the algorithm. Tracey Lien.




Self-driving ‘robo-car’ taxi service now available to public for free in Singapore  | Toronto Star

Put your wallet away. You can’t tip a robot.
Self-driving ‘robo-car’ taxi service now available to public for free in Singapore | Toronto Star
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