Year of the Queer: 2016

Ethnic diversity was in the spotlight Thursday as the Toronto International Film Festival launched its annual movie marathon.
The film festival officially kicks off tonight with Antoine Fuqua’s “The Magnificent Seven,” a star-studded remake of the 1960 Hollywood western featuring Chris Pratt, South Korea’s Byung-hun Lee and Denzel Washington.

God Movies and Other CGI Epics of the 1950s.. Hollywood is the new McCarthism…

 but gender inequality

it’s pitting groups against each other with tokenism

and but sexuality and but…conga line.

tokenism interesting thanks

1970s the USA did “Affirmative Action” and 1990s, Canada did Employment Equity… so now it’s 2016…and not enough people learned the first time.. so 2016 Year of the Queer and the hierarchy of hate is fracturing.

Why Is TV Killing Its Queer Women?

Less than 1% of Hollywood blockbuster characters are LGBT
less than  1 full number.. I was expecting more like less than a half of 1
further reading:

Film industry: There’s a reel gender gap –

Feb 1, 2007 – The study, conducted by independent producer Cari Green for the B.C. … The B.C. Institute of Film Professionals report found that women are …


and the perfect ending:

Image result for much ado about nothing 1993

TIFF 2016: Diversity buzz for TIFF’s opening film is accidental, cast says  – ‎7 hours ago‎
Lead actor Denzel Washington was blunt at the news conference for the Toronto International Film Festival’s opening film, The Magnificent Seven.
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