Real World Vampires

Vlad the Impaler, Dracula – son of Dracul… the actual person who is the archetype for the Bram Stoker Dracula novel.

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a relative of Vlad’s – Elisabeth Bathory, Countess… first wearer, then drinker and then bather in blood. Virgins peasants at first, an unladylike past time, but when she turned her henchwomen to preying on ladies of the nobility.. well.. now that was a crime… too well connected to execute she was locked into her castle…

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Peter Thiel

Peter Thiel Wants to Inject Himself With Young People’s Blood
Peter Thiel Wants to Inject Himself With Young People’s Blood

the Self Loathing, Log Cabiners and, as Dan Savage refers to them as “Porch Faggots”

this guy also is a freaking Vampire

Gay entrepreneur behind PayPal continues to sing Trump’s praises – Gay Star News


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6 Responses to Real World Vampires

  1. thefeatheredsleep says:

    Did you ever see that documentary about the woman who was considered the first vampire? I thought it was interesting though not sure how much I believed it was a case of vampirism rather than vanity gone wrong, with her believing bathing in the blood of virgins would keep her young? I like vampire things I readily confess, True Blood (though I didn’t think I would like that show I really ended up loving it) and the classics of course. The best vampire film though (drum roll) and I’m biased being a lesbian I know, but THE HUNGER wins hands-down every time.

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