Streets of Surrey

Surrey, British Columbia Canada is both the murder capitol of Canada, and the highest ICBC (provincial car insurance) rates in the Province, as wellll as having the most high performance cars that have no business to even be in Canada.

Given the state of our highways and infrastructre. We do not have an autobahn.

Anyway, I left the house with not a lot of lead time, but enough time to travel the the distance from home and my Therapist’s Office.

140th was not well signed to give warning and city or a private sector crew reduced traffic to alternating lanes right where there is also a divider and long city blocks. turning traffic away is better than around.

Detour signs woulda been nice.


it wasn’t even that or the slowness of switching over.

it was the line jumper. A princess in a too new car.

She came down the merger lane, passed many cars who had lined up in turn.

Sped passed me and tried to nose in front of the vehicle ahead of me. When that didn’t work, she almost rammed the larger SUV.

Preferring the idiot in front of me than behind, I let her in and swung wider so the line would follow me and no more line jumpers could be rewarded.

As soon as she was actually in front of me, her hand out the driver’s side flipping me off.

She twisted her wrist to make sure I saw, checking her back mirror to see I had put a steady bird back at her, and continued to do that for the next half block – without touching the horn. because no one needs that noise at 9:30 in the morning

she wigged out and could’t figure out which hand to flip me off back and had to move forward and put both her hands on her wheel.


Unfortunately, she also turned on the 72nd, but then turned down 128 at the Princess Margaret High School, so I could proceed to 120.. Scott Road as I still think of it, even though that family was long gone and their farm a series of strip malls when I was a student at the just passed school.

Going out to therapy and having things to deal with and not needing something new on the way.. one of those shoulda stayed in bed days.


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