Way Down @ The Mall

My Mom and I got to Guildford Mall today.

Nespresso had new flavours and I had a Brazil espresso and then a Chocolate hinted Latte and my Mom had a Columbian latte.  The Rep had a cute yellow scarf and was the same pleasant gal as last time, so that was a pleasant interaction with a semi-stranger.

Then I went to HMV, where I picked up the new Sony Elvis “Way Down in the Jungle Room”  and also a boxed set of Star Trek original series enhanced version.

I bought the Elvis first and saw the Star Trek on the way out of the store, so am counting that as 2 interactions with a stranger, customer service being an admitted cheat and comfort zone really.

I did have an almost bad moment at HMV, they were playing an famous 1980s zombie song and when the line about predators occurred, I autoresponded “yeah, pedophiles like you” as I turned the corner around the shelf and accidentally made eye contact with a white guy.

“I’m sorry, not you you, the singer you.”

he laughed sorta and I laughed sorta .. awkward but whatever…

At the London Drugs I watched 2 sets of customers try to use the Translink Compass pass Teller Machine.  I made a jokey comment about Translink really not wanting to have customers and got a soft laugh. so two adult strangers with one comment is like talking to 1 stranger

anyway, an under 2 hour round trip, well within comfort zones.



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