Election USA 2016: 1970s Redux Battle of the Sexes!

In the Republican Corner, the Party of Family Values and CEOs:

Donald Trump, famous as a bankrupt business operator and for First Lady Trophy Wife number 3, who faux lesbian porned in a men’s magazine.


For the Democrats: Former First Lady Hillary Clinton and for … First Lady Bill Clinton.

This is an epoch defining election for America to say that yes, the Affirmative Action of the 1970s did work and some people did change.


The Democrats are the bigger tent party.

Obama got a Nobel Prize just for being elected  in America.

Bill Clinton was the first president to meet with the Queer Community reps and deal with AIDs, First Lady Hillary drafted America’s attempt to Canada on health care – what we did in the 1960s.

Harper vs ObamaClinton says 3 strikes was out of line

Barack Obama was the first president to say that atheists were Americans too.

reality checkingProtective Legislation Be Gone

What happened in the 1970s and Watergate was on Nixon and the Republicans, who last ended slavery and have been trying to reverse it ever since.


What matters is what women do when they break through that ceiling; legal rights are not a line, they are a wave of expansion and a secular framework of how to work and play together.

Ruthuglicans and Satan

religion prevents that and religion has had it’s grip on the public sphere for too long.

53381318Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chretien(R) and Cuban leader Fidel Castro(L) wave to reporters 28 April at Havana's Jose Marti Airport during a farewell ceremony for Chretien who returned to Canada following a three-day official visit to Cuba. Chretien called for the release of four prisoners detained without trial. AFP PHOTO/Adalberto ROQUE

Perhaps now, America can pass the ERA and American Heterosexual Women can gain from the halo effect of the LGBT community’s legal advancements.

Trudeau and Queentrudeau-g20-20151115

FOR which, I would like to point out that in North America – Canada and America – queers have used the legal system and not violence.

It is religion that uses bullets and bombs.

Dear America, just imagine the shock and awe in the nations who will really not want to be facing an army lead by a woman…


but more than that, the race for noms is over. the race for President is on


the world is watching

the Republicans squandered the 9/11 sympathy and they have obstructed social functioning in a economically devastating temper tantrum



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