‘Goraphobic @ Guildford

A successful and short, almost surgical stint at Guildford Mall, Surrey, BC, Canada, eh.

It is a radically different mall than I once knew.

back in the 1970s, my family had a retail store, selling the ceramics made in the New Westminster Trygg’s across from Royal Colombian Hospital.

That is now a parking lot and only the BC Liquor Store remains of that branch, with the iffy escalators up to the street bridge connecting the Sears annex to the mall proper.

My Mom left in Sears, I did a walk through the Mall.

in a Phrase: White Femme Women Nivirana.  From Girls to Moms and nothing much for boys or men. Or off that standard default.

I lost count of the faux living room areas in the hallways for the men mostly to sit and stare blankly at sports on the big screen tvs.

Almost every store was clothes, accessories, shoes and cell phones. no “toy” stores anymore but stores dedicated to Toy Brands.

I stopped by the Nespresso Coffee and flashed my member fob and got a double cozi latte and did a good walk.

There were not many people so it was easy to stare ahead and not make any eye contact and maintain a proper posture.

I coulda wildly swung my arms and walked and not contacted anyone, but that would have drawn too much attention, and I was able to maintain a good walk pace.

I was surprised to find that HMV was back, so I was able to put my name down for the Elvis Way Down in the Jungle Room. Finally the good press reviews are getting Elvis back in stores. This one might even chart in North America.


Anyway, picked up a DVD copy of Gilda, and I wish I had noticed it wasnt bluray. oh well. last physical format.


Guildford’s Food Court looks like Metrotowns or the Malls in the Vancouver Core.. seating for 500. it was empty, first hour of opening and only the Tim Hortons was doing trade.

I walked away and at the next corner the smell of butter and brown sugar lead me to the Cinnabon. Instead of an entire bun, I bought the much smaller size cinnastix. Four bites of buttery cinnamon flakey brown sugar goodness.

I tried to move my pharmacy to London Drugs, but they annoyed me.

I went to the information kiosk and asked what other pharmacies might be in the mall.


The said Walmart. I said evilness.

London Drugs.. I said nope, they are useless.

What about the Vitamin Supplement place? they offered.


That should not even be a legal business, people need to eat food.


The younger woman smiled and the older woman maintained her professional face and asked if there was anything else she could help me with.

I smiled and said, no thank you. Bowed slightly and walked away.


I headed back to the coffee shop to meet my Mom, she wasn’t there.

A store had an old school arcade game.

It took me a moment to realize the quarter slot was decorative and instead of 1 game, the machine had 8 and it was free to play.

Dig Dug, I tried and died.

I smiled at the clerk and joked “Can’t remember how to play a game I used to leaderboard on.”

She laughed.


I went to Sears and found my Mom and we got back home in under 90 mins.

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