Swimming vs Bathing Costumes

Victorian Era.. modesty and public values. Civilized conduct. Adults adulting but not too adulty…


I’d like one, but with an image of a skinnier woman on the front and on the back the words

I ate her



The RCMP has adopted a new policy to allow female Muslim officers to wear the hijab.

seriously, tho
how does that religion allow women to 
1. have a job
2. do police work where you don’t get to pick who you deal with
This is not the same as the Turbans

Niqab debate recalls RCMP turban furor of the ’90s – Politics – CBC …

Sep 26, 2015 – When Baltej Singh Dhillon was accepted into the RCMP, he faced a choice — serve his country or wear his turban. (CBC Digital Archives).

1990: Sikh Mounties permitted to wear turbans – CBC

When Baltej Singh Dhillon was accepted into the RCMP, he faced a choice — serving his country or wearing his turban. He chose to fight for his religious rights.

British Expeditionary Force Uniforms, Turbans
Legality and Precedents, eh?
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4 Responses to Swimming vs Bathing Costumes

  1. swordwhale says:

    Diveskins, surfer shirts and burkinis are sunscreen that doesn’t wash off… bikinis are ridiculous…

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  2. swordwhale says:

    and don’t get me started on the granny suits with the padding and greeblies and skirts and stuff that don’t fit under a wetsuit… ugh

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