An August Day: Stupidstore Outing

Today I had a very successful outing.

I took my Mom to the nearby SuperStore Box Grocery.. President’s Choice… yellow with black and warehouse decor, mini malls under one big arch supported roof.

One of the reasons I loath grocery stores is the wasted energy of open bin freezers.

The Germphobic Food Safety triggers shudder and it bothers me when customers ruin foods by abandoning them on improper shelving.

On only 1 cup of coffee, I took my Mom to the store, and went in with her.

I took the opportunity to walk and stretch and it was fun to complain about the store’s bizarre and increasingly erratic displays.. I mean.. just do produce there, meat and dairy at the back and make each row a global regional cuisine and then the breads…


I watched my Mom and another shopper have to shift 10 empty milk crates before finding one with actual milk jugs.

isn’t there supposed to be staff doing this?

I don’t think I have ever gone there without having to report an aisle needing a mop or a broom. today it was a half aisle of green smears and lettuce stems.

Prevention is cheaper than lawsuits, eh?

Canadians are getting Americanized, not in accent. We’re holding fast our vowels.


Anyway, today I had a stranger ask me what the date was – the Milk lady shopper.

Then a Dad watching his tween twin girls, younger daughter and toddler, smiled at me. The girls had gotten a free cookie from the bakery, a time honoured Canadian thing for kids under 12. He and his girls smiled and eventually settled to wait outside the bank kiosk.

Their mom and grandmother in the banking kiosk with the Bank Lady.

I was loitering by the bank machine, waiting for my Mom to come through, so I could bag.

“Sorry” a woman said as she walked around me.

“Sorry” I said as I stepped back.

that there was more than enough room was funny


then, the Bank Lady and the pair of clients came towards the bank machine, and I stepped aside, closer to the Dad and daughters.

“Are you waiting for help?” Bank Lady asked.

“Sorry, no, I don’t want to intrude on your business, I am just waiting for my Mom.” And I vaugely waved towards the till line.


She smiled and waited for her clients, and I told her that I really liked her hair and planned a similar cut.

“so easy, no work!” she smiled.

Yes, I bowed slightly and laughed agreement.

they went back to the bank table, and I waited in front of the machine.

I watched a woman in an elegant sari and I made some silly joke to her.

She walked a few steps and then turned back to me and smiled and responded with a twist to the joke and walked away.


I bagged for my Mom and we headed out.

less than 1% diversity between any of us

we need to celebrate that


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