The Sounds of Surrey

the police car.. two cop cars in the vicinity


King George and the 104 to 108 homeless hangout


Mr Sir Mr Sir, Safeway wants you to move. Loitering, Mr Sir, Don;t want to give you a ticket, just move along; not need to even say nothing to see here, eh.

This is Canada, sure, Surrey British Columbia is the murder capitol of Canada.

Drug Gangs doing the inter-gang bang

Honor Killing domestics


leaving safeway, the non-show was over, but there was a hook n ladder fire truck

that did a beauty pass, then 1 ambulance 6 blocks away… the Firetruck returned

I left the parking lot as a second ambulance arrived.


groceries become dinner and the evening news


homeless guy dead in a dumpster diver into an outdated charity drop off bin


Charity donation bins to be regulated | CTV Vancouver News

May 11, 2016 – Donation bins accept everything from clothing to books, but not all the bins …. about 1,500 people showed up in Crab Park last year for the anti– …




related, on the areas where there are still wilderness


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