Raw Recovery Specialist – 08-23-2016

Today’s outing was a high success.

Leaving at 9:30 am, I ended up almost an hour early for the downtown Vancouver doctor appointment.

But the diabetic HAIC is back in the top of normal so yay me and I lost 21 pounds in the last three months.. and it’s been so long that I gave myself a yay me that I have forgotten the actual sequence..

Anyway, doctor, brunch, dispensary, where I bought the Dana Larsen history of cannabis in canada. see the endnotes for the link, eh.

Then, it was back out the freeway and jammed at the freaking Patullo Bridge. .New West and Surrey need to get it together.

But we don’t need to twin the pipeline, so NO Need for a second harbour site nor another bridge out Richmond way.. Lulu Island.. named for an infamous prostitute from the Gold Rush Days.. muddy sandbar should be all agriculture and not Malls and the Airport..

Mind, that was built before we understood the concept of liquifaction. land acting like water. Richmond, or Ditchman as it is locally known is doomed worse than New Orleans, because there is no bedrock under Richmond, while down south, it was a big bowl.

Once over the wretched Patullo and now that I have seen the condition of the pavement and that they have in fact added a huge concrete barricade to the weight load on that span… not going to drive on it again. ever.

Surrey Place no… it’s City Central Mall skytrain to hide that Surrey label… up to the mall.


Black Bond Books and I picked up Linda Thompson’s new bio.

The long awaited Elvis Presley and the Beauty Queen told by her and totally tainted by the Jenner Saga, and lost to most readers is her 19 year long marriage to Canada’s David Foster.

I didn’t mind paying the excessive Canada rate on American books, because finally hardcovers with colour images!

A quick skim reveals all the Elvis images were familiar, but not the usual ones of the pair and all colour. Often uncropped and revealing more of the context or groupings of people.

a more detailed review to follow.

anyway, a quick in and out of the mall and off to an astonishing another location, Safeway and then off home.

what was stressful was the Safeway.


at the Surrey Place Mall, I was surprised to see RCMP constables on bicycles doing parking lot security.. maybe they were doing the King George. I dunno.

but at Safeway, 2 patrol cars were attending making a homeless guy move along when we went into the store.

on our way out, a Hook n Ladder Fire Truck screamed into the parking lot and 2 ambulances on 104

BC is canada’s warmest province and Alberta is the worst for giving one way bus tickets.

People freeze to death here too, even  though, compared to the rest of canada, we don’t get that kinda snow.


in summer, normally, we don’t tan. we rust.




Here’s the link:

Cannabis in Canada The Illustrated History by Dana Larsen


Discover the History of Cannabis in Canada with this amazing fully illustrated book. From renownedcannabis activist and author Dana Larsen comes a timely …

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