Onward Children Soldiers

A child soldier danced into a wedding crowd and doomed most of the Turkish celebrants.


last year, a drown toddler made the world find out where Syria is.



this year, a 4 year old in Shock in an ambulance, shocked Russia into a ceasefire.

I don’t know how long, if at all, that 48 hours lasted but the toddler expired.

People are being fired for sharing data that the public has an interest in

UN aid worker suspended for leaking report on child abuse by …

The GuardianApr 29, 2015
A senior United Nations aid worker has been suspended for disclosing to prosecutors an internal report on the sexual abuse of children by …

Shocking sexual abuses by aid workers in Africa

The PunchMar 10, 2016
Shocking sexual abuses by aid workers in Africa … aged 5, 9 and 15 at least eight times and that he molested a 12-year-old boy twice. … the United Nations had grossly mishandled serious cases of child rape in the Central ..

Call for smacking children to be made illegal as experts demand …

Daily MailMay 22, 2016
Teachers and nursery workers are not allowed to smack another person’s child and … A UN inquiry into children’s rights in Switzerland will hear evidence from UK … also stated they were ‘seriously concerned’ about the cuts to legal aid. …… Dylan, who accused father Woody Allen of molesting her as a child …
The Television Era allowed part of the world to watch most of the world suffer.
1973 Elvis Presley was the show that got the whole world watching the same culture
the internet well, that is a multiple POV and viewing experience
plus commenting and the biggest Dear Editor Letters section, only there’s no editor, eh.
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