Google Eviled

In Web 1.0, Google was a search engine.

there were many, and the web was disorganized

Ask Jeeves, Yahoo, Google and others, indexed what was uploaded without naming standards

Porn sites uploaded dictionaries into meta tags, rendering searching meaningless

Search Engines and eyes on advertising was limited revenue

google became to Microsoft and buy related other internet companies

then, Google submitted to China

it was around the time that Canada rules Facebook’s privacy was lacking and there was no way for Canada to win


Anyway, between Facebook tagging and supplying the CIA with data, developing facial recognition biometric software and Google deciding humanity based on meaningless measures lacking context


if the only people who end up on the internet are trolls and godbots, we are going to have a big problem when it Self Awares, given what we have programmed into the internet


as data and behaviour patterns



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