Google is Discriminatory

all of my comments were deleted by Google Moderators:
what is the point of constant warnings

without identifying WHICH Post so I can remove it?

Your content has recently violated our policies.

Facilitating the sale of regulated goods or services, or promoting regulated goods and services to inappropriate audiences, is not permitted.

If you continue, you may lose the ability to use some or all features of Google+ and other Google services. Learn More.

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Google warnings and threats that are not helpful:

Warnings and Useless Policy that do not actually identify what users do wrong

and then you get NO help from moderators

who only say that you the user are the problem.

Doxxacles Maximus LOLocus+3

You can’t get in trouble for telling anyone to commit suicide over the internet, even if they do the world a favor by succeeding.Kys, old hag


why do those profiles not get dealt with by Google?


harrassment and abuse of users

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I will be back to post under 50 times in 24

in this office

until I get a response that is actually a solution

how I am being treated says a lot about google

I am getting these warnings continuously

this HAS to be a defect in Google

where is the actual written policy that details and explains why on a 24/7 internet

that users posting is restricted and censored

google moderators who are deleting comments

ARE the problem

and demonstrates craven indifference to users

google is creating problems

then not solving them

and blaming users

why does google do three warnings after the other

when does the number of warring

warnings become excessive to the offense

OF which, I do not even get to fdefend myself

and am being treated with bot censoring

which is supposed to be human humane conduct?


autistic , ocd and other

not Normal people


I am an agoraphobic who is autistics and Google has severely distrupted my ability to function

PLEASE can a WOMAN moderator help me

I am afraid of the men


Hi support team, please help me solve this problem I am getting this massage again and again when opening Google plus . What should I do ? I have deleted mainly of my old post but I m not sure what policy I violated.
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    this is exactly what all my posts are about and I have been bullied by the moderators over since yesterday
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