Elvis Death Day: Black Lives Matter

Elvis Presley grew up in Tupelo Missippi in the last white house on a street where all the houses were the same 2 room shotgun shacks with an outhouse in the yard.


his actual house was apparently long destroyed but a sample of the style was painted whited and wallpapered, filled with era replicas – the actual furnishings are probably in storage at Graceland. also, a porch swing was added.

nice for the Tourists


When I say Elvis grew up in the last white house, I mean the last house with white people, the next house, on the “wrongest side” was black families.

Elvis Presley could run out his front door and play with kids on either side of his house.

Vernon Presley did a short stint in one of America’s most infamous prisons – Parchman – for a money crime of cheque forgery.

Gladys and Elvis took the long bus ride to visit him and Gladys went door to door to get community support to get Vernon out on early release.

From this prison, arose an infamous singing group The Prisonaires..


The Presley family did a midnight move out of Tupelo, Vernon was likely moonshining.

They went to Florida for a while and then Memphis, Vernon following work.

Elvis Presley was a country boy in the Big City. Segregated Big City of Memphis.

Where the Riverboat Gambler heyday was long over, and the biggest employer the USA Military.

Elvis was more a mimick than a copy cat, because he blurred everything before him into music that was not pretentious, was not depressing and wasn’t self pitying.

It was sexy and fun, boundary pushing and emotional purity, he was the human element of mathematical musical perfection. pitch tone melody and rhythm

He blued the country and westerned rhythm, gospel fervered the sex. Rock n Roll. sling the slang jazzed jargon the beat the code the beat the hint the beat the heat music and words

did he really say that? what did he say?   suggest insinuation hip 2b square

war weary, dribs and drabs. Elvis Presley was a shock of color

Elvis Presley thought black life mattered, and a lot of the world agreed with him.

before Elvis, there was a lot of music, and after him, everyone copied him.


in the 1980s, the market fragmented again. the second British Wave

Duran Duran vs Spandau Ballet lacked the passion of The Beatles vs The Rolling Stones

The Stones won and played Cuba in an historic concert.

Duran Duran is currently touring.

but the big tour of the year is Dolly Parton, Pure and Simple 2016

in the news

‘Memphis Is Apartheid’: Black Lives Matter Tries to Shut Down …


4 hours ago – Black Lives Matter is doing the unthinkable: they are planning to “Shut DownGraceland.” It’s Elvis Week in Memphis, Tennessee, an annual …

Protesters set to ‘shut down Graceland’ during Elvis Week – NY Daily …


1 day ago – Black Lives Matter members among protesters set to ‘shut down … Graceland, Elvis Presley’s home, will be the site of a big protest by The …

Black Lives Matter protests outside Graceland | WGNO


4 hours ago – Black Lives Matter protesters demonstrated outside the gates of … the gates ofGraceland, Presley’s mansion, with just three arrests made.



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