Idle No More vs Black Lives Matter

Idle No More is a Canadian movement for indigenous peoples and the environment.

which is really about everyone, we are all from the same planet.

same water and same air.

land is what varies and we actually can make that


Homo Sapiens is the only species that has the ability to destroy habitat niches.

Black Lives Matter began as an American movement to protect Black lives from Police.

It has a valid point and urgent social need.

However, the movement has changed from demanding to be served and protected rather than executed for existing while black.

In Canada, the Black Lives Matter attacked the Toronto and the Vancouver Pride Parades, setting off a chain reaction of my demographic tooism and community fractal splintering.

In America, Black Lives Matters says Israel does not.

In America, Black Lives Matter is crashing Elvis Week 2016 at Graceland.

it’s a three day countdown.

No lives matter at the expense of other lives



ElvisWorld: Memphis Police


From the Files of Police Squad! Priscilla Presley


Police in Canada


RCMP Memories: ed301 Attending a Domestic


Vancouver Police vs The City of Vancouver

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