Annoying Allies vs Bridge Building

I was born in 1968 in Canada, which was part of the Commonwealth at the time.

America had separated via revolutionary war and has emerged the most reactionary nation, leaderboarding Classical Rome on the Empire Nation Chart Rank.

Australia, New Zealand and Tasmania remained as Canada, semi sovereign and drawn from the same legal framework arising from the Magna Carta.

1985 – Canada became diplomatically separated from the UK, the commonwealth effectively over – India and the upcoming Hong Kong handover… Matters Elsewhere is largely why America “won” eh.

So far, Canada is the only ones who’ve managed to put torch to the president’s palace.

White wash covering the smoke damage until the nation could afford to paint it properly, and by then, White House had stuck.

Liberal PM Trudeau 1.0 got into and out of office all over the media roller coaster cycle.

Progressive Conservative PM Mulrooney signed NAFTA and Canada’s world image as America’s Little Buddy or America Jr was done.

Previously Canada had midwifed the Victorian Era League of Nations, NATO, and our ability to be both snipers and cannon fodder made our troops desirable. Also, because we generally take orders.

Americans probably didn’t hear the WW2.0 joke about there’s only three things wrong with Americans, Over paid, Over sexed and Over here. They also didn’t get the Americano Coffee one either, eh.


but I digress

like most queers, my sexuality expressed at college age

but the word leaving my lips – lesbian

meant that I no longer had any rights

one word


if rights are that flimsey, they really do not mean anything


having to assert your rights means someone is denying them


rights are not meagre nor to be hoarded and made small

rights are meant to grow, expand and include


because it is, those that do not have them, that need them



the law is not merely the letter, not merely the word and not merely the spirit intended

it is the order from chaos

that which is, the cultural values expressed.


in America, Obama was given a Nobel Prize for figuring out how to President while Black

in Canada, PM Trudeau 2.0 has earned one for campaigning at 2 Pride Parades and then attending them again after elected.


America has yet to pass the Equal Rights Amendment for Women.

when the Suffragettes of Canada won the right to vote, they had to go to the British Courts

which is also why Canada separated, so our own court in our land was the highest court

Canada’s Charter of Rights is the one that emerging nations seeking social stability have based theirs on.

Dynasty Builders vs Community Builders: sustainability is not just a buzzword

jargon and all of that jazz








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