World Watching Events

Technology Expos used to be where inventors found investors, and where nations displayed their techo-might.

The Modern Age Olympics, ideals long extinguished, are the epitome of the Roman Circus Principle; only this time, it’s not working.

and the world is really watching and taxpayers are realizing, everywhere, what a spectacle at too high a cost.

Corporations are multi-national and given the various drug and gender scandals, the lack of influence on human rights and the utter impoverishment across social levels.

Olympics, Para-Olympics, Gay Games.. the low number of actual sports vs not sports like skateboarding.

why is whatever men do, sports, but women remain too few to be deemed professional enough to do the same things or too amateur to be in these games.

not to mention the Pandemic Ground Zero that Rio 2016 is.


these “national” events always cost the region more than the tourism return value.

the cost of infrasture that is not general purpose enough, oversized from regular sports; and not really the best use of tax money, when there is a lack of road infrastructure, sanitation and sewage management and safe buildings.

Governments ignoring budgets and writing blank cheques.


once the site(s) selected, the local poor are displaced… most dying within 6 months unable to recover from loss of neighbourhood.


often still good buildings are destroyed to make way for newer construction..


hasty in over design and often altered in construction – the #1 cause of structural failures


environmental impacts ignored

future use, best use future vs immediate matters


Gladiator A Go-Go



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