Primate Watch: Language Arts

Dr Lameira stated, “It is not clear how spoken language evolved from the communication systems of the ancestral great apes. Instead of learning new sounds, it has been presumed that sounds made by great apes are driven by arousal over which they have no control, but our research proves that orangutans have the potential capacity to control the action of their voices … The voice control shown by humans could derive from an evolutionary ancestor with similar voice control capacities as those found in orangutans and in all great apes.”

Dr Lameira said his research could help us “see how the vocal system evolved towards full-blown speech in humans.”

Full Article:

A Talking Orangutan Can Help Us Understand How Humans Developed Speech

New York Magazine  – ‎13 hours ago‎
One of the most charming things on the internet has to be that video of Mishka the husky dog telling her owners she loves them – not by, like, snuggling up with a wagging tail or licking their faces, but actually telling them.


Durham Researcher Finds Origins of Language with our Ape Ancestors - Durham Magazine

Agoraphobic Philosopher:

Turing grunts into sounds was done by the females, repetition to the offspring

social hierarchy.. alpha pairs .. grandmothers are always the boss, mother in laws, eh?



Meet 3 of the great apes

One Ape To mimick them all

Homo Sapiens: Risen Apes, not Magic Dirt






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