Agoraphobic @ The StupidStore

I left the house today for about an hour. I drove my Mom to the SuperStore Grocery Chain that’s part of another and I think Jimmy Pattison eventually.

Anyway, it was a good outing, an elderly Sikh Gentleman offered to trade our loonie for the grocery cart.

The timing was perfect, he’d arrived at his car and I had just parked beside him and Poof! shopping cart!

In the store was good, it was early morning so very few people and everyone is groggy and quiet.

the lone screaming child I heard as we entered was actually shushed by the parent and shut up.

We impulse bought a couple of on sale Thailand treats, 3 delightful tastie noshes, five each to a box.

It was mispriced from the counter display to the checkout, so we got one box free and the other at the proper price, so that was a sweet deal.

Back in the parking lot, a Mom in a deep blue and green sari with tweens and a child was happy to loonie trade for the cart with the loonie in the lockup chain – she’d parked across from us and there was a crowd at the cart kiosk.


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6 Responses to Agoraphobic @ The StupidStore

  1. Meritings says:

    Well done Nina. I had to google to find out what a loonie is!

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  2. thefeatheredsleep says:

    For ages I wasn’t getting ANY of your feed in my ‘news feed’ which is now proper malfunctioning by giving me virtually none of my regular bloggers in my feed and mostly the news and the more popularist generalistic posters. A CONSPIRACY.
    I had tried to find you but without a search option if you’re not in my regular posters it’s like you vanish. I was trying to find you the other day to no avail. At times I thumb my nose at WP land because they are an evil bunch of rabbits in wire.
    Fortunately today (and to think, a Monday) I ‘found’ you because you ‘found’ me. Thank you for that. I missed you. I hope you are all right my friend. I’m going to be catching up.
    Lots of love.
    Your friend. Candy xxxx

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