the Anglican Church of Canada

Yesterday, the Canadian Anglican Church announced it would not be offering marriage services to Queer People.


Which, they are permitted to do – Legally and that is a compromise of the Canadian Marriage Equality Act.


the Religions cannot be sued for being consistent in their practice.

Which is why Civil Marriages Commissioners were and are not permitted to cherry pick according to their religions. Government and it’s agents, must act in the better interest of inclusion.

Anyway, over the night, more ballots were found and a recount occured, and it turned out the actual result was to be inclusive.

Which is nice for them. but it’s no reason to give them our business.


Especially given all the harms done to Canadians, and in particular the Indigenous Peoples, the first nomads who became settlers, empires comparable to the Mediterranean Classical era and the Mayans had sanitation while Europe was Black Deathing in sewage and squalor.

The Religions have hoarded the material, documentation and artistic wealth of history via conquest and they are in utter opposition to the civilization impact of women.


Remember all religions began as fertility rite – harvest or offspring, eh.

Celebrating life, not repressive dress rehearsal later.. this was why Christian were popular in the Roman era, they were annoying pests who hated owning anything and lived out in the bushes.


Which is far too pagan for them now… cults become religions when they domestic a society.

Money for Nothing and your altar boys for free, eh?

Yeah. I really have yet to hear a religion with better morals than the Canadian Charter of Rights.

religions denying evolution.. survival of the fittest and stupidity is a poor choice in the marketplace of ideas in the information age.



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