Dear Google re: Search Engine

Dear Google

Yesterday, I did a search for articles for my Google Queer Group about parenting.

My first search for “gay dads” provided a number of page 1 listings of excellent articles.

My next search, for “lesbian moms” offered many many more pages, but given that the page 1 results was all pornographic, I declined to share or even have a clue of how many pages deep I would have had to have gone to find comparible to the Gay Dads page results.

I know in Web 1.0 all the porn pages put dictionaries in their meta tags

but by now, you should be better at contextualizing searches and not include porn unless specifically requested.

This is the problem of a male dominated internet, but also all the Godbots who purify in public so they can perve in private.

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2 Responses to Dear Google re: Search Engine

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