Dear “Black Lives Matter” Canada Edition

Dear Heterosexuals trying to demonstrate that you are not racist:

While “Black Lives Matter” so do queer lives.

It was the Black Community in America, California who primary took away the marriages of some 10,000 queer couples.

It is the Black Community in America that is now white enough to oppress queers.

The invisibility of queer in the Black community has created an unhealthy environment and there is certainly racism in the queer community as well as fetishizing ethnicity.. all of which is the outcome and consequences of oppression.

it has a way of intersecting..

In Canada, that RCMP and Provincial and Municiple Police forces have a bad history with blacks, indigenous and queer people.

so: to all the heterosexuals who want to prove that they are not “white people”

stop pitting your victim demographics against each other

or putting yourself in the middle where you lack the history to have an understanding that 2 underdogs fighting each other, only benefit the bullies.

Forget not trusting people over 30, those ones are dead.

the 1960s are over, and as a Gen X I am fucking sick and tired of hearing about it.

the people who cause the oppression are Conservatives.

Jocks, GOPs and Mean Girls.

enough with playing more victim than thou –

stop the festering, the blistering and the pus letting

Homo Sapiens are destroying the planet. we need to deal with that, not what people do with consenting genitals or who pees where.

Godbots and Glandbots: get your focus off the gutter and toilets.



Further reading on this blog: a group of young black men


threaten me, encourage suicide and then internet lawyered me


and Black Lives Matter wants to attack the Queer Pride Parade, that they could have been a member of


instead they used that the Canada PM was attending to tell the Toronto Police Chief, a Black Man, that Black Lives Matter.

does anyone even hear themselves anymore?

Dealing with Trolls on Google #

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10 Responses to Dear “Black Lives Matter” Canada Edition

  1. thefeatheredsleep says:

    Nina this is brave of you. Whilst I may not agree with every point I think your over all point of black lives matter but so do queers and how some black people turned their hatred of gays so around that they became such an impediment to queers and this isn’t cool – is sound and right.
    I think it’s hard when we look at color just as a man looking at gender, will never fully know what it’s like to suffer discrimination as a woman.
    (yes even you, Mr/Mrs/Miss Jenner)
    a person
    irrespective of color
    should not be the reason
    others (gays) don’t get rights
    and if they are
    then they should be called out just as much as ANYONE ELSE
    there is a double-standard in the media and society where if a black person says or does something wrong you can’t talk about it unless you want to be called a racist.
    Saying someone (irrespective of color) has done something wrong (like denying gays equality) isn’t racism.
    THAT is the part that bothers me – that you can’t just say the truth because if your skin is white (or looks white) you WILL be branded a racist and that’s as wrong as saying a man can’t talk about feminism (I must confess I might not read his book but I won’t condemn him for wanting to help).

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