Canada Day 2016

2016 Canada is a very different place, as we live in interesting times.

Science is prevailing and reason is returning… people are learning to work and play well together because we are tired of all the violence.

the cost of not getting along is too high

people not prophets

people not profits

people not pointed talking opinionated yapping

internet rule #1: it is all fun until someone Hilters.

anyone comdeming or deeming a demographic on the figurative or literal and with appeals to authority are wrong

that is their opinion, which, they are entitled to state

what they are not entitled to is being defended for the right to oppress

and give offence to said demographic (a hate crime)

because, when their “right” to say genocide is a positive is preferred by other people over the support of the person representing said demographic

that escalates to terrorism, mobbing and why bullies have toadies and victims have bystanders.

happy canada day


by the way, there is a lot of science – medical science – for marijuna

Pot Science: Top Marijuana Findings of 2015

while there is zero science for homeopathy, naturopathy or chiropractor…

they all do harm by delaying, contra-indicating, wasting money and time while raising false hope and panning to neurotic placebos.

actually chiros have been proven at court to cause strokes.


so there a way to save health care dollars….

meanwhile: entrepreneurial economy: go green


if we had leisure lounges, people could try recreational drugs safely – knowing that 911 will be called if they get into distress


Dispensary-Spas – the perfect compromise – and dispensary clinics including safe sex devices and health information. you can have fun, but only after a lecture that is useful for you and ensures consent against later potential rape claims.

protect yourself, end to end, eh

420 Legalized Weed…

the rules that I would like to see

Medicinal Use as Professional Medical Doctors orders

for all ages

Spiritual Use by teens only in cultural ceremonies with adult supervision

Adult – age of majority – 19 use for spiritual or recreational

also legal alcohol and tobacco for recreational use

from legal establishments or in the home

age 50 public use of whatever you want

we need to create rituals of adulthood so people feel authentic in a chaos and futile and most of all

indifferent universe

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