ElvisWorld: Scotty Moore @ 84

Bill Black, Stand up Bass and electric bass. (September 17, 1926 – October 21, 1965)

Elvis Presley, the boy singer backed by The Blue Moon Boys – 42 years in 77

Scotty Moore, Lead Guitar, died June 28, 2016 – 84 years

DJ Fontana, Drummer who joined The Blue Moon boys from the Hayride, is the last member.


Buddy Holly took out The Big Bopper and Ritchen Valens and a pilot too.

The Crickets tried to regroup, but fizzled.

Jerry Lee Lewis and Little Richard lurched from rock to religion,

Chuck Berry only charted #1, once… defeating Elvis’ Burning Love. Quickie Ditties or the Full On Get Down.

Bo Diddley.. BB King… James Brown, Jackie Wilson

Wanda Jackson, Brenda Lee…


The Beatles : Ringo solo artist. Paul later with Wings and solo

John Murdered and George died from Cancer

Janis, Jimi and The Doors Lizard: 27

The Rolling Stones did the first western rock concert in Cuba in 2015.


Otis and Marvin… Barry White and Issac Hayes

Duran Duran outlasted Spandu Ballet.

Stray Cats broke up… and Stuart Adamson died, Big Country carried on

INXS lost their lead and did a TV show….

Kurt Cobain, Amy Winehouse… Whitney Houston & her daughter

Freddie…. Queen… Brian/Rodger with John retired… Deacon Blues tho…

side and soloed…. banded…. Queen, Queen+, Queen Lite.

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One Response to ElvisWorld: Scotty Moore @ 84

  1. Snookie Mcquire says:

    Enjoyed all the Elvis stuff. Thank God Scotty Moore is still alive. I can’t imagine why anyone would start a Hoax like that. I will be checking back. Thanks


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