420: Liquor, Pharma or Private Sector

Should pot be sold in pharmacies over LCBO stores?
dispensaries that offer expertise have more science than naturopathy clinics.

not pharmacies – they sell too much homeopathic nonsense

or liquor stores which

1 many religions do not allow people to near and

2 which is often what people are trying to get away from addition wise.

<heavy sigh>
law needs to balance not offering a veneer of business credibility to organized crime with the actual medicinal/religion and legit recreational uses of the health care system of the 4 pillars approach.

make it all legal and then have lounges with staff on hand hooka cafes and embrace our inner India within the commonwealth.

also, bakeries, and all the other hemp industry, which we need to plant more of as better crops than bamboo or trees.

the new economy is in green and sustainablity, let the market decide and stop ignoring the science.

Canada’s federal gov’t is issuing pot to Veterans and they are getting Ecstasy next.
the american 1970s prison LDS experiment is also well documented as a social good.

driver-less cars and we can just put the medication in the water…teleworking….
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