2016: North American Queerdom

In America, the Stonewall Inn has been declared a national monument and it is the location of the place where the queers fought back.

Mostly Draq Queens and Stone Butches, but for 3 says, New York was shut down.


The Pulse Nightclub Orlando Shootings is on the death scale of Columbine, has the shock value of Timothy McViegh’s fertilizer bombs of the Government Building in middle America and the 9/11 social impact – that oddly, the elementary school Sandy Hook did not result in.

Mostly because post-911, the American public no longer accepts that news is new, and no longer understands the difference between an average person’s opinion and an Expert/Educated Opinion or a Working/Research Professional’s Analysis.

Expertise is not subjective, it’s measurable.


So on the American gay trauma scale – there’s Harvey Milk, AIDs, 9/11 victim invisiblity, Orlando Pulse and Mathew Shepard.

there’s more, those are just the ones that stuck with me.


In Canada, the Toronto Police have issued an apology of sorts for acting against the gay bath houses in the 1980s. Which, Canada after stonewall – Americaned up.

Also… also.. too tired to edit. so laters internet. sleep mode engaged. eh?


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