Internet Netiquette: 1.0 to 2.0

In the early web, pages were static with fixed content. Then, there was the BBS. MUDS…


the more people able to hmtl a site or fill in a the more hobbies, then the more people


people became the content hunted by advertiser. eyeballs on ads. informadoes of dataporn.


There were 3 things going to make English – as much of a mish mash as it is, when even The Queen, no longer speaks the Queen’s English – The language of the future.


4 actually…


  1. Air Traffic Control/Business – the language of law is English. Magna Carta, America and Canada’s Charter.
  2. Elvis Presley – people wanted to understand what he was saying (Louie Louie in the 60s, as a very specific example)
  3. The Internet – to it’s very code – International Standards.


English is a blur of languages and there are no rules for spoken English, it comes to geographic regionalites – which is why people inside a nation make fun of each other and nations to nations also bash and clash.

English is a language that no matter the relative ability of any 2 people, as long as patience and observation of body language and facial features, people can be understood.

The difference is being able to make nice jokes across those differences and to navigate all the unspoken assumptions.


after all, communication is only about 7% the actual spoken content when people are face to face.


The User Name Hierarchy Chart of Commentary Consideration

Anything with numbers or Puns = 0

Smart Ass or Quote Catch Phrases = 0 or less

Vauge Names = 1/2 of a person

Actual Name + N00B = tenderize … gloves on or off, eh?

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